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  • This is a business that has been put together by passion and love. The joy it brings me to make people happy is why this business was born. I truly believe that anyone can and will enjoy a Woobie.

  • Babies love and respond to colors. In any ICU you can not send flowers but you can send a Woobie. 

  • Woobie is just a word for comfort. A friend when you need one. 

  • I can also make anything you have into a Woobie. A stuffed animal and blanket or just one of them, can be made especially for you. 

  • I love helping people make memories!


  • All Woobies are made from refurbished items. They are all fully washed and disinfected before I even start.

  • All customer information is protected.


  • I am not able to do any wholesale or multiple orders on one item because they are all one of a kind. I use what I have and what I find.


  • Credit / Debit Cards

  • Zelle

  • Offline Payments

    • Venmo

    • Cashapp

Legal Disclosures

  • Never put a pillow or loose blankets in a crib with a baby. Always watch children with any toy. Eyes and noses of stuffed animals can be choking hazards. Do not allow children to wrap string, thread around fingers.

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