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You are a Failure!

Before you get upset with me, we are all failures. We say all the time "no one is perfect". So why is it we get mad when someone calls us a failure? I believe that we do learn from our mistakes and failures. This is really what most of us believe. But it still sucks. No one wants to fail. No one goes into a new excursion expecting to fail. It just happens. Do we or can we learn from them? Not always........

I wanted to learn to play piano, cello, guitar. Do you know what I learned from these failed attempts? I have no musical ability!! I am a failure at learning to play an instrument. My grandfather played guitar professionally and my oldest daughter played many instruments. It always came so natural for her. No matter what I did or have done I cannot play. Good thing my life really doesn't depend on me doing this. So, am I a failure?

I have failed at so many things, thinking about me not being able to play an instrument, is laughable! I wouldn't even know I was a failure at it if I didn't try. And kept trying. I was only a failure because I tried. Does that make it better? Not really, I wanted to play something. But is it a horrible failure? Absolutely not!

I'll be honest. I have failed at life too many times. I have had 3 failed marriages. I obviously didn't learn. I kept trying and failing because I was going after the same type of men. I could be that girl that blames everything on the men. Play the victim. But that doesn't solve anything. If you don't acknowledge your failure in a relationship, you will keep repeating the failure. It took me 3 times to get this. The first, I don't count. Married 3 years. We were young (20,21) and friends that thought it would be cool to be married. Yeah, that sounds responsible. Second was THE marriage. 3 kids and 10 years. One day he just left. Never to be heard from again. That 14 years ago. I looked and looked for that same marriage which is how I ended up with number 3 and the biggest mistake of my life.

I have failed at my job. Many people would argue with me that that isn't true. Yes, yes, it is. I owned a personal maid service company. For 14 years. It did really well. Supported me and my kids. But I was never able to take it to the next level. I was working my ass off after 14 years. I could have been subconsciously doing it. I did want out of that industry I was in for 30 years. But no matter the excuse, I failed.

I have failed as a mother. I know that sounds harsh. But I have. My oldest won't talk to me because she had an accident in the Marines. Apparently, that was my fault because I supported her into going. She found her father at 18. I am blamed for that as well even though she doesn't speak to him. I have been blamed for her sister getting sick. She was starting high school and I was trying to keep her sister alive. My third daughter feels this way as well. I failed because, as hard as I tried to not let that disease take over, it did. They feel that I put one daughter over them. I would have done the same for them.

I have started this new business, Woobies. Am I going to fail? Maybe. I hope not. But let's face it, there is very little control we have over that. There have been a million businesses that do weel and you wonder how they are even a business. Some businesses fail even though people love it. You never know what is going to do it. All I know is that you can't fail if you don't try.

Why do we keep doing things that may have us feeling like a failure? For me, I am more scared of living a pointless, forgettable life. Failing is better than constantly asking myself, could I have done that. The what ifs in life drive me crazy. So am I going to fail? I am going to do everything in my power not to. And if I do, we will see what I learned from it and where it takes me.

Remember that failing is part of living. If you don't fail, then you aren't trying. Take pride in your failures!! They will get you where you want to be, eventually.

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