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You and Your Disability are Beautiful

I have a little boutique called Woobies. It is really cute, but it gets misinterpreted as "just a baby store". It is so much more. A Woobie is what YOU need it to be. Like Liz.........

This is Liz. That is a Woobie purse. Or is it??

That purse is holding her IV pouch. That's right, an IV pouch. She has a permanent IV in her chest and has to carry the bag around. (It is in a case but it's ugly) She got diagnosed at 11 with a severe heart/lung disease. (PAH Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension) It is aggressively progressive. At just 18 it progressed so much she had to have the IV put in.

She is 22 now. It wasn't easy getting used to this. Not for her or anyone. She wanted a nice Christmas picture with her husband. She looked so pretty and sadly asked "do you have a way to hide this?" and held up her IV bag. Hide it? Ther is no way of hiding something that everyone can see. But make less noticeable? Absolutely!!

I went to the purse area of my store and pulled this purse out. It matched what she was wearing, and her IV pouch fit. As soon as she put it on that smile took up the whole room!

You see, some would see this as just a purse. It is not to Liz. It is not only just a purse, but also an IV bag, a statement piece, confidence, beauty, a chance not to look sick. I mean what I say when I tell people that Woobies are whatever you want them or need them to be.

For the disabled, life is different. We can all pretend like it's not, but it most definitely is. People don't realize how hospital visits there are, medical equipment. They don't understand that you can't send flowers. ICUs do not allow flowers. They can have a Woobie. They can also bring in their Woobie pillow. That item that gets called "just for babies" is so much more to a person that has nothing but a bed.

Woobies are for babies, of course. They love their Woobies with the bright colors and they can carry them around. But let's not forget the forever children. I am not saying they aren't adults, but they have very different lives. Liz cannot work. She is in a wheelchair when she goes anywhere because it reserves her energy. At 22 her circulatory system is that of an 85-year-old woman. It takes her a long time to do certain tasks, like doing dishes because she can't stand for too long. Some days it takes her 2 hours to get the energy it takes to walk from her room to the living room, which is only a few feet. She is on oxygen at night and so many medications. And you never know when a bad day is going to pop up and for how long.

Woobies was created for this purpose, as well as for the elderly in nursing facilities, kids, teens that need a friend, babies..... When I say Woobies are for anyone I truly mean it.

FYI....This is my daughter and inspiration for many of the items I make and create.

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