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Welcome to my World of Woobies!

This is a blog about my world of Woobies. I know.....what is that and why would I want to read about it? Well, I don't know why. I do know that I have had a gothic novel of a life and may have some insight. I am a woman of a certain age. I hope you can find your Woobie. And I don't mean my product. Your version. You will learn how Woobie changed it all.

My name is Rebecca. I am a middle-aged woman who was a single mom of four girls. You know how it goes. You are a parent. Everything revolves around the kids, school, homework, after school stuff, dinner, holidays, and more and more and more...... And then it STOPPED! It does seem to happen overnight. I believe we all had that feeling of "it's never going to end". We aren't stupid, we knew the time would come. What do you do then?

Like I said, I was a single mom, so no reconnecting with the hubby. No traveling, unless alone. I had a personal maid service business for 14 years and was in the industry for 30 years. I did and accomplished what many do not do in that industry. I was so good thought that I was coming home at 2pm. I know that sounds amazing. And it was. But not for long. After a few weeks, the boredom set in. You can only craft so much...

I really threw myself into sewing Woobies and different things. I realized though that they were all Woobies. Woobie is just another word for comfort. It can be anything. Anything that gives you comfort. Your car, a favorite skirt, a pair of fuzzy socks....anything that gives you comfort is a Woobie. I have a cousin that has health issues, a full time job, 2 kids, 1 severely disabled and ailing parents. Her Woobie is her jewelry making. (Which I feature in my boutique) It gives her an outlet. Takes her mind off of everything. That is what a Woobie is. What's yours?

I would like to share some of the experiences that I have already gotten being in my boutique. It has only been 5 weeks. As a personal maid, I spent a lot of time alone. I have never had a job where I speak to people every day. It is nothing like the internet says we are. I am finding that a lot of people are looking for something special. They are so tired of the same repeat gifts every year. That is exciting! You would think that in a world where we are all connected to each other and an over saturated marketplace, we could find a gift easily.

I think we can all learn from each other. My experiences might help someone. Yours could help me. I want this to be about growing, reinventing, finding your Woobie, experiences, parenting.....whatever we have. Because, we have a lot to offer.

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