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Why Woobies???

I started Woobies because I was an independent housekeeper for 30 years. I was a single mom of 4 daughters. Well, the daughters grew up. Now what? Have you thought about what you are if you aren't a mom? I didn't either.

I was coming home everyday at 3pm and it hit one day. I am coming home to sit. No laundry, no cleaning, no homework, nothing. I was not old enough for retirement life. But, I wasn't going to get what I wanted out of life by giving up on life.

People said "what did you do or like before kids?" Seriously? I was 21. I did little and had no idea what I liked but i was sure I wouldn't like it at my age now. Then the light bulb!!!! I loved to sew.

I always liked to sew. I made my daughter dresses for Christmas, Easter, formals, costumes, and things they just wanted. I loved it! What do I sew though? With clothes you have to have so many different sizes. That's not feasible. Plus, what I think kids look cute in may not be what is "on trend".

Then a friend of mine was moving. I helped her pack up her house and she had a bin of stuffed animals. I didn't think much about them. Took them and figured I would donate. I had a weekend off, no kids, and the boredom came. I wanted to sew but didn't know what to make. I went to my office where I had started to collect some fabric and old baby blankets of the kids. I don't know what happened but I made a Woobie that day.

And then, I made another one. It was fun! First time I had fun doing something that didn't revolve around my kids. I went a little nuts after that and caught the sewing bug. I started creating Woobies with whatever I could find. Then I started making bags, blankets, bed sets. It got crazy but I kept sewing because it made me happy. I had no idea what I was making them for or why. 3 years later, I have a Woobie boutique.

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