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What in the hell is a Woobie?

I'm glad you asked! Or at least many have. First, my name is Rebecca. Second, I am the creator of Woobies. Now, I didn't make up the name. I first heard of a Woobie in the movie "Mr. Mom." A 1980 movie with Micheal Keaton. His sons Woobie was a little yellow blanket that his dad thought he was too old to have. Of course, Woobie prevailed, and his son got his Woobie back.

So, that is the what the word Woobie is. But, what is it?????

It's comfort item. That's all. Nothing complicated.

I have seen what a Woobie can really do though. They have magical powers. Ask any child.

My oldest daughter had a dinosaur, second daughter had a pig, third daughter had a bear and the fourth has a bear blanket (Woobie). We all had one. That one special something that we held on to for comfort. When my youngest was just 8, her grandmother died. Woobie was the friend that got her through. It is so hard for a child to be sad and deal with death. No matter how much comfort and support we give them, they want their friend. Woobie understands everything.

Now think about this, are children the only ones that need a friend to comfort them? No!!!

All of us do. Especially at certain times of our lives. I have a disabled daughter that is now an adult. She is married to an incredible man. But, as strong as she is, the first thing that is packed for her hospital visits is her Woobie. The only one that really knows how she feels. The elderly will tell you the worst part of getting old is the loneliness. I have sold more Woobies to people who have loved ones in a nursing home. Something to hold, talk to, and doesn't judge.

This is what a Woobie is.

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