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The World is Gross......Lets create something one of a kind...

Updated: Jan 10

The world has never been a nice place. I know, that sounds so negative. Think about how much positive there is in the world compared to the negative. All over social media there is no lack of positive affirmations. Is that really going to keep bad things from happening? Of course not. Positive affirmations online are almost as overpowering as the ads. To me they are a distraction from what can happen and, let's face it, will happen. I'm not saying to be negative. I am trying to figure out how there is anything positive in a world where the negative is astronomically larger and has more consequences than the positive.

I read the other day that we should be reading positive affirmations every day. I know a ton of people that sell stones and crystals. Meditation. Yoga. Working out. ahhhhhhhhhhh All of this so I can THINK positively? I don't think that thinking about being positive is what makes someone or life positive. If that was true, then we as a whole would be happy and positive. The fact that so many have to trick themselves into this, makes it wrong.

Is the world gross? Yes. Why? Us.

Every time a decade passes, we talk up the best parts of that decade. We repeat our own mistakes and make the mistakes of the past others because we move on from the negative. Ignoring it instead of concurring it. We make things worse in the name of progress. Where is the progress? Like the legal system. Look how it started and how the judicial system as a whole is. Where is the progress? The medical field that started out really trying to help mankind. Now, the worst of the worst in greed. It has nothing to do with mankind or even caring about a human. Every one of us has a horror story about a hospital stay and horrible the hospital, staff, or both was. This is progress? I can go on and on about every aspect of life. And I know you can to.

I am sick of this world and how horrible it is and the fake positiveness. It is everywhere. I am deciding to make my own happy. And you should too!! Grab a Woobie and have some coffee or wine and bitch to the friend that cares and won't bitch back.

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