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Shop local????

Is shopping local really a thing? I know people say it, they boast about it. But is it true? If as many people did it that said it then would we have big corporate stores?

The biggest problem with a small business isn't the corporate stores. It's getting your name out there. The ad industry is overly saturated with ads from big corporate stores. I think it's stupid.

Many places that don't need to advertise do. We know, as consumers, that we like our brands. It doesn't matter what it is for. We know what we like. So why do they advertise so much? Comet needs an ad? Clorox? Every cell phone provider?

No they don't. But they don't and never ask the ones buying. I do believe that small businesses could advertise the same way of there was room. Shows have gotten less air time because of commercials.

So what are we to do? Get stuck in the underworld of the internet or come up with millions for a 3 second spot on TV.

For now, I have my boutique and hope that enough people see me. Because that is the best advertisement.

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