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Sadness with Death....Hold a Woobie

I had an old friend of mine pass away the other day. I reached out to her mother because I am a mother. I'm sure none of us can imagine what that is like. It is such a hopeless feeling. Especially, because you know there is NOTHING you can do to make it better. We all say it "if you need anything please let me know". We hardly ever get that call because there really isn't anything anyone can do.

I was thinking that there are things a mother has to do and doesn't want to or it's too hard. Take a mother's place. Of course, there is nothing to want at this moment. But she did ask if I could make something for her.

Absolutely!! I would love nothing more. She had a bear and a blanket that her daughter had as a child. She wanted me to make her a Woobie. Something of her daughter that she can hold, talk to, and just feel like she is there. So, the Woobie was made. Her Woobie has been there for her to hold during funeral arrangements, memorial service, family coming in, and everything else that goes with a tragedy like this.

She is happy that she has a piece of her daughter. This is one of the reasons I started to do this. Woobies ARE NOT just for babies. They are really a comfort item.

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