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Really Handsewn and Why????

Do you really HAND sew everything? I get asked this question daily. the answer is easy. yes, yes I do!

I don't know why this is an odd concept. Manufacturing of anything isn't nearly as old as we all think it is. So what did we do before? We sewed! All humans, that wanted to be covered, sewed. So why is this strange for me to make a business out of sewing?

The reality of it is that we have made a life that is revolved around convenience. And we have done this over the course of the last 100 years. I don't see a lot of our conveniences as convenient. Easier? Sure. It's really easy to just walk into a place or order something to buy.

I don't care for that with some things. I'll explain why.

When my kids were young, I could never find matching dresses for holidays because they were different ages and therefore different sizes. I started making all of their dresses, by hand, because of that. They had unique costumes because I made them. I was a single mom of four girls. Was a lot cheaper to do it this way, for me. I enjoyed the time with my girls picking out fabric, patterns, colors, design.

Why I don't use a machine? Because they are difficult! Here is where progression isn't always helpful. Look at a sewing machine your mother or grandmother had and then go look at the machines they sell now........... I'll wait.

They took a simple machine that changed the world and made it into a technical mess. And, ironically still has to use oil. It is stressful for me to fight with a machine as opposed to hand sewing. Hand sewing is relaxing. It's not stressful. It's not messy. You don't have to worry about

a snag, oil, something going because it will.

My point is that this isn't a new thing or concept. It is one of the oldest art forms. I do believe our world has gotten to complicated with all the conveniences. Simple is sometimes better.

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