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Old Fashion....What does that mean?

I think it means something different to a lot of people. It really depends on how old you are. What might be old to me might not be to someone older. You get it..... Like how we are all old, according to our kids, no matter how young we are.

I get told a lot that this business of mine is old fashion. I don't understand that since manufacturing is millions of years younger than sewing. But, it does have to do with how we are brought up. Farmers don't think it's old fashioned. I didn't think it was when I was sewing for my girls 20 years ago. I do believe it is a lost art.

The main thing that I get irritated with the world wide web is how saturated, complicated, and all around disgusting it is. Why did we make something so unbelievable into a nightmare!?!?

Well, the answer is sadly simple. It is simple to be horrible online. It is simple to look up garbage than actual facts. Like when you were in the library and instead of looking up reference books you were reading a comic.

It has also made us, society, into the laziest species on the planet. Everything is so convenient and faster than it ever has been that we have forgotten how things were. Just because there is technology now doesn't mean we have to forget the simplicity of how things were done.

I hear all the time that the only thing kids want is technology products. That is NOT TRUE!

Kids come into my store all the time oooooing and awwwing at all the Woobies and how cute they are. They love the pillows and tell me about all of their friends that live in their rooms.

I think a problem is the parents are non stop looking for the item that is going to keep their child busy. We have a huge problem in buying for our chidren what we THINK they would like or what WE would like. We do forget that we are not buying for ourselves.

A Woobie product is a friend for them.

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