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Is Retail Dead?

The easy answer is no. Why would we have so many shopping plazas and strip malls?

I am going to tell you why I chose retail. If we listen to "they", the magical people that tell us everything. "They" said malls are dead. "They" said you have to take a pill for every ailment. "They" said "they" said "they" many times have you used this expression? Too many. But, who is THEY? No one can seem to answer that.

I do know that listening to the infamous "they" gets us into trouble and makes think we are doing something good when we are not. If you listen to the "they" that keep saying retail is dead then no one would shop. But, those same people will tell you to shop local. How can you do that? If retail is dead then there should be no where to shop. When these people tell you that malls are dead, why do you listen? Do you not drive around and see a mall and wonder who this mall is for? It can't be for you. You listen to the almighty "they" and don't go to the mall. Who is then?

The people who don't listen to the "they". These people get out and see for themselves. Ever since I opened this little boutique I have heard "aren't you worried about the dying retail industry". Ummmmm you are saying this while in a retail store. I am not worried.

I believe that more people will go out and shop. We had a scare that affected the world. People are getting over it. People are getting tired of wasting money online. Products they order aren't what they wanted, didn't fit right, look right, the waiting for shipping, the reasons go on and on.

I think it is insane to shop online and have to wait. The best part of shopping is going home and going through your loot!

Why did I choose retail? Because I believe in it. Because I believe that people will start to realize that the world is worse online. Because people will start to realize that sitting at home all the time is what is damaging us as a society. Because I believe in people. I believe in my Woobies. I believe the only way to find your Woobie is to see it. Woobies choose you.

People have gotten too lazy. Like any craze though, it will fizzle.

Get off here, online, and go and enjoy being out in your area.

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