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Do You Love What You Do and Why?

I will answer with a big Yes! And not just because I get to sew and make people happy all day. Even when I was a personal maid for 3- years, I was happy. I loved it. I got a workout every day without going to a gym. I worked around my 4 kids. I was alone so I had no work politics. Put some headphones in and just go... It was fun. And served a purpose. But as I got older, physical labor was not want I wanted to do. It didn't serve a purpose anymore. I'm in fine shape, kids grew up, and honestly being alone all the time, got lonely. Hence, the creation of Woobies!

I do love what I do. I have always sewed but never dreamed I would be able to do it as a job. I didn't question it though because my grandfather was a plumber for over 30, raised his 4 kids, and became a radio star.

Barefoot Bob Kinney is in 2 halls of fames. The country music and classic country DJ Hall of Fames. I never knew him as anything but a musician and being on the radio. He was on in the house every day. I went to see him on stage a lot, bluegrass festivals, opening for big acts. If you saw his house though you would never know it. He was very modest, answered all fan mail on an old 1930s typewriter (typing with one finger of course), worked on their farm for the winter.

As I got older, I found out that this wasn't the man my dad grew up with. He was a plumber, a heavy smoker, a heavy drinker, and apparently had one hell of a temper. I did not know this!!! This is the sweetest man I have ever known. And even though he worked on the farm, I didn't know he was a plumber. Although he did always say, to make sure you have a trade to fall back on. I didn't realize what that meant until I got much older, I am a slow learner.

Now I know he was a different person because he changed what he was. He was a plumber and a father of 4. Then he was a radio star, musician, performer, and grandfather. He changed because HE changed. How could I not take the leap to Woobies? He did and he was my biggest influence growing up. 20 years after his death, here I and Woobies are.

I have found that everything has changed since I am not a personal maid anymore. I believe we get stuck in what we are instead of who we are. I was always on the go, everything needed to be done yesterday. Was I a bit crazed, yes. I am not on that time crunch anymore. So am I still crazed, no. We are so scared of change that we tend to create all these terrible things that can go wrong. We read and watch all the cautionary tales but not the triumphs. We talk ourselves out of it.

This why I ask if you are happy at what you do?

I would have answered yes 5 years ago. Beginning of last year, I would have answered no.

Today I answer yes. I am doing what I love but I do believe that Woobies has a mission. This is what makes me the happiest.

-10% of all sales goes to the Arnold and Winnie Palmer Foundation for the children's hospital

-They make people smile

-I love when a kid sees one through the window of the boutique and knows which one is theirs

-I love that the disabled can use them. IV bag holders, lap blankets, comfort pillows (hospital beds are not comfortable) every product fit in a wheelchair

-Babies see color and grab at them

-The elderly. This one I have actually sold the most to. Woobies are a friend, helps with loneliness, many of the elderly cannot have pets and this is a great alternative, the Woobie pillows are great for getting comfortable in a chair or bed, lap blankets.

-They are fun to make

I hope you have something in your life that makes you happy. I can tell you that "just being happy" isn't that easy. Old habits, even stress, can be a hard one to get rid of. But this is what I am doing this year! I watched my dream of getting a boutique happen last year. So why can't I find my happy this year? I am happy but I think I have residual stress. I tend to stress over things that should not be, I need to focus more on the positive. I didn't think I was negative until I caught it. So, this year is all about my happiness.

What about you?

Woobie Grizzley Bear with blue Plaid blanket

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