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Beautiful in its Simplicity

This is a dress...right? A simple cocktail dress that was only worn once. Too big for me. It hung in my closet for over a year. We all do that, don't we? We have pretty things, or someone gives us something pretty and we keep it because we have all of these ideas where we are going to wear it. And then it hangs. Why? Because in reality we don't have anywhere to go to dress up. Or we are just too busy. Or you already have that go to dress you are going to wear anyways.

Well, this was a dress. It was hanging where I saw it every day. Last week I walked into my closet and there was the purse. In my mind, of course. But I saw it! That is how it works with me. I look at things and they turn into something else in my head.

What would happen if we all did this? Or if we all didn't see everything as disposable. I rescue stuffed animals because have you ever seen a picture of a landfill? It's sad how many little furry faces you see. People, not just kids, have stuffed animals. Especially small kids. Easy gift. What happens to them? You clean out them room but what happens to them? Most of them get thrown away. As a mom of 4, I see them as someone's friend. Someone's sleeping buddy. That's why we got them, right? Kids grow up and they go into a big bag and are donated or thrown away.

I see a new friend in these little animals. I see comfort for someone in a nursing facility or hospital. I see a smile they can bring. I see that they aren't done loving yet. So, I give them a new life and hope to get them a new home. Same with baby blankets. People love them for a baby, they get tons of them, don't use them all, put them in a closet, and there they set until donated or thrown away.

When I do this, this is a Woobie!

This is a disposable world we have created. In reality it is just convenience. All of it is for convenience, which is a nice word for lazy. Not to say I don't enjoy conveniences but not everything needed to be made easy. Frustration is what I hear a lot from people when it comes to these so-called conveniences. The biggest downside is that we dispose of everything and don't think twice about it.

I am not going to change the world with this. I am not going to get rid of a landfill with this. But maybe if I put in less and then another puts in less and another and where I'm going with is, maybe we can make less of a landfill.

People love things that trend and unfortunately the recycle, refurbish, reuse has been just that, a trend. It is not practiced by most or that many at all. Recycling water bottles to buy more water bottles? Reusing a jar but buying plastic ware so you don't have silverware to wash? Doing everything through email or online to save paper but buy paper napkins, paper towels? You see what I'm saying.

Recycle, reuse, refurbish is not just a trend to me. I don't think it is to many, but this world makes it too easy. One thing you can do is buy something that is!!!!

I would love to hear your ideas for reusing.......

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