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Babies See in Color!!! And Only Color...

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

This sounds so simple and logical. I can tell you now though, I was a housekeeper for 30 years. An odd trend started about 5 years ago. Most items for babies were done in beige and white. I know there is a generation that loves the minimal lifestyle. But that is not what a baby wants or needs. They cannot see beige or white because they aren't colors. I wrote about "Do you buy for them or You". Because a lot of times we buy things that we like for people and not what they like. And buying for babies is no different. We buy them what we like and what we think is cute.

I know, they're babies! They don't like anything! They know nothing! But that is not completely true. According to newborn can see 3 main colors. Red, blue, and yellow with red being the dominate. Now, Drs and researchers don't know why. They do believe that it is the brightness of the color red. They can see bright! Beige and white are not bright. That is why they don't reach for those toys, unless you aggressively shake it in front of them. Take two toys, one white and one red, see which one they look at.

The brighter the color, the further they can see. This is important for their vision health and development. Did you know that your baby's vision is not done developing until they are 10 years old? They cannot focus their eyes until 2-3 months. They cannot see black and white patterns until they are 4 months old. That is because of it being a pattern and not the colors.

I care very much about this because it is something we all take for granted. Only 1-5200 babies are born blind. That is about 500,000 children a year. ( There are 1.4 million blind children worldwide and 45 million people. Some of it can be prevented and, of course, some cannot. I have a cousin that is 10 years old. She is blind in one eye and will be blind in her other before she is 14. At least she will remember what color looks like. She can still color.

It is crazy to think how easy things can be when we don't over think and really think of our loved ones and what they really need and want. I love color! Everything I create is based off color. I did this because I know the importance of color. It isn't only great for babies and their vision. Color can improve your mood, make someone smile, brighten up the dreary.

I'm not saying the minimal trend is wrong. If you like that, great! My third daughter is like that. Her favorite color is clear (might as well be). Her bedroom always looked like a white, sterile guest room. Maybe just take a few minutes to ask yourself, would the person you are buying for (baby or not) like this the way I do?

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