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10 Gifts to Consider for Your Young Kids...

Updated: Jan 10

Let's remember that children under 5 have the attention span of a gnat. They love something one minute and forget about it the next. So why do they have so much stuff? They can't shop on their own. I spoke with a young mother yesterday and she told me the age-old reason why for some.....first child and grandchild. Yep.... I have been there. Pretty soon their cute nursery looks like a rummage sale. So, what do you do? Here are 10 things to consider this Christmas.

1.....Think about what you NEED. I know Christmas should be frivolous but with money being tight, what can you really use? Do you need a new stroller, car seat, children grow, they grow out of their stuff. So, all that stuff you got at a baby shower, needs to be upgraded.

Ask family to go in on these bigger purchases. Tell them what is NEEDED. We all are guilty of spoiling but really, it's just wasting money.

2.....What does your child actually play with? I know you have said it, "I don't know what they play with". Easy them. I used to sit and take notes on what my girls played with, grabbed for, what kept them playing. Out of a hundred toys, they only play with a handful. A newer version or different version of their favorite toy might get them playing on Christmas. Instead of with the box...

3....Wooden toys!! I am a big fan of wooden toys. I will tell you now as an old mom that kids get tired of the same lights and sounds of toys. They typically will push one button over and over. Wooden toys are still a favorite among kids. They are colorful, sturdy, no batteries. and small for easy clean up. And the best part....There are soooo many to choose from. Trains, cars, trucks, blocks, whatever your child likes.

4.....Don't be afraid to ask for clothes!!!! Kids grow insanely fast these first 5 years. Make sure to tell them sizes and what to buy. You don't want a bunch of cute lacy dresses that aren't practical and are never going to be worn. Relatives that don't see your child much will tend to buy clothes that are the wrong size. T-shirts are a great boy gift but not if they are too small.

5.....The same goes for shoes! We all know how important shoes are when the littles start walking. Make sure that everyone knows the size to get.

6.....Now fun stuff. Get creative!! You know your child. What is one of their all-time favorite snacks? My oldest daughter had a love for black olives. Every year, since she was 4, I would get her gourmet black olives. Three containers and she would squeal when she got them. It sounds crazy but this is the gift she ended up always looking forward to getting.

7.....Balls. That's it. What kid doesn't like a ball? When they are small, they love them because they can carry them, throw them, chase them... Ball, ball, ball....You can't go wrong. Get a box and put in different sized balls. They will love that so much! And balls are universal.

8....Nerf. Nerf and all of their products were a favorite in my house. The balls are soft. I don't recommend for kids under 3 because they will eat them or try to. But they are soft, you can take them outside and let them chase them, they can play with each other. Nerf is just fun.

9.....New bed set? Kids love their beds. It is the one place they don't have to share. They keep their special things on their beds. Bed sets are a great gift,

and they will hug it and love it.

10.....Last but not least is accessories. For girls it is easy. You can dress them up with anything. Hats, tutus, dress up costumes, head bands. For boys, hats, socks (cool socks not the plain white), superhero costumes especially a cape to run around in.

I hope this helps some. I know always stressed about what to get my children when they were small. Looking back, I realize they didn't care or play with most of it. So, think of them and have fun!!!

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