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10 Charities to Give to that Really Give Back

I love charities and give all year round. The problem is that many charities are for profit. To me, that is not a charity. I don't give to get credit. I usually give under anonymously or under my daughter's name (if it's a children's charity). Giving, giving, giving seems to be all we do for EVERYTHING! But if we are constantly giving then why is there nothing getting done? It doesn't seem to matter the amount of money anyone gets, there is never enough. I don't believe in charities. Especially if they advertise. Many charities do not! Why? Because it takes away money and resources they could be using for their cause.

I have put together some charities that YOUR money will actually go to a good cause and actually HELP. I am not going to get into the worse ones. But just remember, if you are going to give, where is it going and is it going to help?


This is my number one go to!!! I do have a personal reason for loving this charity. But if you are not familiar with them, they help sick babies and children whether they have insurance or not. They do funding raising and of course the biggest being The Arnold Palmer Open Charity Golf Tournament. They do not advertise; they don't ask for anything. Every penny goes to helping a sick child and their families. I have seen their top Drs donate their time. This is a wonderful place and I highly recommend. And not just because 10% of all of my sales go to them....

2. The Ocean Cleanup

This was started by an 18 year boy in the Netherlands. They are a non-profit organization that is working to clean up the ocean. Founded in 2013 and they have 120 people as a part of their team. It all started because a 16 he was scuba diving and saw more plastic than fish. He had the thought that most of us do....Why can't we just clean it up? Sounds simple.. And it should be. The problem is everything we use has plastic in it. I love this charity because they don't only clean the ocean of plastic they are coming up with new solutions for preventing it getting there in the first place. There are a million "charities" doing this and governments. Unfortunately, if they were doing anything or have done anything with the trillions they have received, we wouldn't have this problem.

3. American National CattleWomen

I live in a city, but I am from a town that has 900 people in it. I cannot tell you how important the AG classes were. They bring valuable materials into the classroom. Many on the internet have a belief that most of us live in cities, 63% live in rural areas. They help to keep National AG in those schools and give them the materials they need to teach about woman in the farming industry.

4. Be a Dear and Donate a Brassiere

I know this is a super cute name, but they have a big message. One thing that people don't realize when they are donating clothes is the bras. I think we feel a little weird donating a personal item. To a homeless woman or a woman in a shelter it can be the best thing they receive. It is the first thing most of them ask shelters for and the shelters never have them and if they do they don't have the correct. This is a charity that has a go fund me and a facebook page. The collect bras and panties in all sizes and give them to woman shelters. Our under things makes us feel like a woman. I love this. The best thing about this is that you can look up a local womans shelter to donate to in your area.

5. Childs Play - Gamers Giving Back

This is one that the kids can get involved in! These people buy board games and other activities for hospitals and therapy groups. I love this because you can get the kids involved. They have favorite games and I am sure they would love to share them. I love this because they saw how helpful playing a game can be. Such a simple and great way to help.

6. Ronald McDonald House

The biggest misconception of the McDonald Corporation is that the restaurants are owned by McDonalds. That is not true. They are the world's largest real estate firm. You can franchise a McDs and own it. I say this because many people don't like to give to big names because "they have so much money". That is true but not true. The Ronald McDonald House doesn't make money off the McDs. They depend on donations. McDs buys the land. The running of these homes are all donations. It is a home away from home for families visiting their sick child that live in a hospital. The Best Part!!!!!! You can literally donate while ordering food. You have seen the boxes at the drive thrus....

7. Marine Toys for Tots

There doesn't really need to be an explanation for this one. The best part is that no toy is too small or inexpensive. You know dropping a toy into that box that it is going to go to a child. They don't have a use for them in the military. It is super easy to look up where businesses have these boxes in your area.

8. Pet Alliance

Pet Alliance is the best (in my opinion) for animal charities. So many of us have that soft spot when we see sad pitiful animals on TV. Many of these charities are not charities. They take money and kill. That is the blunt truth. Pet Alliance is different because they do not kill, they have a vet, and they are local. They throw fundraisers, they ask the fire department for help when needed, they allow teenagers to volunteer. Most of the people there are volunteers, they usually only have 1-2 paid employees. Their adoptions are much easier. They are just nice people and really care. Which is why they don't waste their money on advertising.

9. Red Cross

The charity I find strange that has problems getting donations during holidays is the Red Cross. Now some places don't need an introduction, like the Red Cross. Most of us know their story and what they do. Many of us have used them and didn't even know it. I have a rare blood type. I have been turned down for procedures because they were concerned, they wouldn't have the blood I would need if something happened.

This is one of the best charities you can give to. We all have blood. There aren't many qualifications, and they usually give you a little gift for donating. You can donate blood or money to keep those red buses on the move.

10. YOU

It is easy to donate anything that you don't have a need for to someone who could use it. There are a ton of places to donate clothes, furniture, toys. Go to your local nextdoor app and let people know you have it to give away. Have a charity garage sale, where you give away instead of sell. There are a million ways you can make a small difference. But if we all do that then they become big differences.

I really hope you all look into some of these wonderful causes. Not all charities are charities. This is a world of scammers we live in. Like any business be careful and make sure you are actually helping and not funding a CEOs life style.

Happy Giving!!!!!!

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