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I'm Rebecca and I'm the creator of Woobies!!

I am a single mom of four daughters. For 13 years, it was just me and them. I started sewing watching my grandmother. I made all of my girls' Christmas dresses, costumes (sooo many costumes) Easter dresses, 8th grade formals, and of course, the stuffed animal surgeries...


One day I woke up and they were adults. I was definitely not having any more children. And I had a ton of baby blankets, kids bed sets, name it and I had it. But, sometimes, some things should be saved.


I put the word out about people having stuffed animals and blankets around. The response was overwhelming!! So many people had closets full of them. They felt the same way. They felt bad throwing them away. They also felt bad about just tossing them into a charity bin. They were loved at one time, and I think most of us wanted them to be loved again. 

They loved the idea of giving them a new life, making them new again, and giving someone the friend that they had with their kids. 


And now we have Woobies!! to remind us of those children and those times.


What is a Woobie??

What was your Woobie?

A Woobie is that one thing you carried around as a child. Everyone has or had one. Their first love.
My oldest had a dinosaur, second oldest had a pig, third has a blankey and a bear, my youngest has a small bear and another bear named Woobie.

All of my Woobies are hand made. No machines. All are made from refurbished products. No waste. 

The diaper bags have a revolutionary third strap for holding jackets, blankets, woobies or whatever your children feel the need to take with them, so we can hold it.

Did or does your child have a special something you want made into a Woobie? Contact me and let's make it happen!

The best thing about a Woobie is that they are for anyone! They are all perfect for baby showers, births, birthdays, kids, teens, themed rooms, hospital comfort, literally anyone!

I hope you love your rescue as much as I do. 


10% of all sales goes to the Arnold and Winnie Palmer Children's Hospital in Orlando, Fl.

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