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One of a Kind




Pillow Pockets so little ones don't lose them
Phone Pocket for tweens and teens
Tissue/Remote Pocket for older Woobie lovers

Family care


You can make your kids, parents, siblings, grandparents happy by gifting them a one of a kind gift that is as special as they are.  Our products are suitable for everyone.

Colorful Balloons

There is Always a Special Day Coming​​​

Baby Showers
New Parent
Moving Away
New Job
Teacher Appreciation
Hospital Stay/Getting Out
A Milestone

One of a Kind - Handsewn for Everyone Products

 Every product is made from as many refurbished items as possible and rescued stuffed animals

What is a Woobie?

A Woobie is a forever best friend.

They are not just for babies. I have sold them as baby shower gifts. They have also been sold to kids, new moms, new dads, a grandmother in a nursing home, a disabled girl that takes her pillow, Woobie and bag to her hospital visits, a friend moving away.


Woobies are for everyone, even the environment.